Just Another Indian

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Warren Goulding
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Just Another Indian: A Serial Killer and Canada's Indifference is a chilling account of the prosecution, conviction, and media treatment of a notorious serial killer who preyed on First Nations women in Saskatchewan. Saskatoon newspaper journalist, Warren Goulding, paints a troubling view of a racist criminal justice system that allowed the likes of John Martin Crawford to brutally murder Eva Taysup, Shelley Napope, Mary Jane Serloin, and Calinda Waterhen. Convicted in 1996, Crawford is currently serving concurrent life sentences. Most Canadians are unfamiliar with this case and the author's detailed account offers readers a description of police actions or lack of action, as well as media coverage that failed to inform the public about the prolific sex killer. While other murders of Non-Native women and children receive endless coverage, the print and broadcast media showed disinterest in the savage killings of these Native women. For the first time their stories are told in a matter-of-fact manner that allows the general public to acknowledge the injustices and inherent racism in this case.

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