La quête spirituelle de Petit Ours / Little Bear's Vision Quest (FR)

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Diane Silvey
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four
Coast Salish, Pacific NW
Book Type:
First Nations Education

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La Quête Spirituelle de Petit Ours is the French edition for Little Bear's Vision Quest. This is a lavishly illustrated picture book that teaches respect for others. The main character is Little Bear who lives along the Northwest Coast. Little Bear behaves selfishly and is inconsiderate to his friends. In an effort to teach Little Bear proper behavior and respect, his grandfather sends him away to an island. Little Bear is told to "look inside" and learn from his bad behavior. Finally, Little Bear learns how he hurt his friends' feelings and decides to change. His family welcomes Little Bear home. This story is a wonderful teaching tool because it uses the traditional storytelling method of teaching values to young children. Through this modern story written and illustrated by two Coast Salish Nation members, parents and teachers have an excellent resource that encourages discussion.

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