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Richardson, Dawn
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Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
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Penumbra Press

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Smoke is a children's novel about a wolf and a fifteen-year-old Cree/Metis youth set in British Columbia. The author, Dawn Richardson (1932-1984), was the daughter of Archie Belaney (better known as Grey Owl) and Gertrude Bernard (Anahareo). She grew up playing with pet beavers at her parents' cabin in Prince Albert National Park. Following her father's death, she moved to Prince Albert. She followed in her father's footsteps by writing and speaking about wildlife conservation. In this book, published after her death, a young Native boy befriends a wolf pup. The characters in the story live in the bush and they respect the animals they hunt. Life in the bush is often difficult and tragedy strikes the extended family. The wolf, Smoke, is a friend to the youth and the wolf's presence allows the boy to understand the interdependence of the natural world. Dawn Richardson wrote this book especially for children so they would come to an understanding about the environment. This 25th anniversary edition was published in 2004.

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