Wabi: A Hero's Tale -pb

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Joseph Bruchac
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Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Abenaki, Woodland
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Wabi: A Hero's Tale is the most recent novel for young adults by the prolific Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac. In this story, Bruchac takes his inspiration from traditional Abenaki stories. The novel begins with great-horned owl narrating his first memories as the runt in his owl home nest. Confronted with challenges from these earliest times, including a disinterested mother and mean brother, Wabi is unceremoniously pushed from his nest and left to begin life alone. When Wabi is confronted with a frightening situation his great-grandmother appears to rescue the tiny owl. She gives him the name Wabi, meaning white because of is unusually pale feathers. Wabi is always asking questions and great-grandmother patiently tells him stories that he must untangle to find answers. Wabi is intrigued by an Abenaki village and after several years of secretly watching the children play he finds that he is in love with a beautiful Abenaki young woman, Dojihla. Great-grandmother tells Wabi the family secret that he has the ability to shape-shift into a human. The love he feels for Dojihla causes Wabi to transform and so begins his adventure to win her love and her family's permission to marry. Wabi experiences exciting adventures that challenge him to the limits of is ability as a human man. The quest he undertakes leads him to discover his humanness, as well as encounters with monsters, and a daring rescue. This brilliantly told story brings out Bruchac's storytelling ability to its best. Anyone interested by fantasy, adventure, and hero quests, and a touch of romance will enjoy this novel. Reading Level: 5.0; ATOS Reading Level: 5; Lexile Measure: 760; Reading Counts: 4.3.

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