Squanto's Journey

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Bruchac, Joseph
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Wampanoag, Woodland
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Voyageur Books

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Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving offers elementary school readers a new explanation of the so-called first Thanksgiving celebrated in the United States. The story is told as a picture book memoir of the Patuxet man called Squanto. He explains his personal story within the history of early Indian-white contact along the eastern seaboard of America. Squanto explains his early years and how as a young man he was captured along with others and taken to Spain to be sold as slaves. He was befriended by friars who assisted Squanto's escape to England where he learned to speak English. But Squanto longed to return to his homeland. His dream came true as he survived the trip back to his land but discovered the tragic loss of many of his nation and family due to unknown diseases brought by the newcomers. Despite his personal loss Squanto is able to bring together the newcomers and other First Nations of the region. Squanto believes that all can live together in peace and friendship as he shares his knowledge of agriculture with the newcomers. This early contact story makes a great read aloud for younger students and can serve as a mentor text for other students who can appreciate this memoir story.

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