The State of the Native Nations

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Eric C. Henson, Joseph P. Kalt, Jonathan B. Taylor
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Oxford University Press
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The State of the Native Nations: Conditions Under U. S. Policies of Self-Determination is part of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. This extensive survey of American Indian Nations within the United States examines the state of present-day Indian America in terms of social and economic development. Tribal strategies of self-determination under federal policies are documented through first-person case studies. Lands, Gaming, Natural Resources, Education, Health, Family Support, Housing, Public Safety, Culture, Arts, Media, and Urban Indians are the major topics discussed. Of particular interest are the examples from Choctaw Tribal Court System, the Zuni Eagle Sanctuary, the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Hopi Nation School, an Ojibwe Language Program (Mille Lacs), Cherokee National Youth Choir, and the Menominee Community Center of Chicago. Principal authors include Eric Henson, Jonathan B. Taylor, Catherine Curtis, Stephen Cornell, Kenneth W. Grant, Miriam Jorgensen, Joseph P. Kalt, and Andrew J. Lee. This is an important resource that examines the contemporary economic conditions of American Tribal Governments.

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