North American Indians: A Very Short Introduction

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Michael D. Green, Thedue Perdue
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Oxford University Press

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North American Indians: A Very Short Introduction is one of Oxford University Press' titles in the Very Short Introduction Series that offers concise and original introductions to broad topics. Historians Thedua Perdue and Michael Green present a valuable and up-to-date understanding for anyone wanting a 144-page book about this field of study. The authors begin with a description of the major cultural regions of North America. All first-year university students in Anthropology will find this familiar territory. The authors include recent findings in history, anthropology, and archaeology fields. As historians the authors offer chapters on the several European Invasions (Spain, France, and Britain); a broad overview of Indians in Eastern North America and those in the West; the impact of the USA government policies of assimilation and allotment on Native Americans; and the ways in which Native Americans are demonstrating sovereignty in the areas of economic development, politics, and cultural revitalization. This brief guide includes a bibliography, index, maps, and back and white photographs. While the focus is the United States, this book is a worthwhile resource for public and educational libraries.

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