An Introduction to Native North America, 3rd Ed

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Mark Q. Sutton
Grade Levels:
Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Pearson Education
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An Introduction to Native North America is the third edition of this Pearson Education introductory anthropology and history textbook designed to provide the standard information about the cultural regions of the United States and Canada. The text offers students a geographic base for understanding the cultural regions where the various First Nations once lived and in most cases continue to live. Each cultural region is discussed in terms of ethnography, history, precontact and contact, as well as the contemporary situation. There are brief biographies of significant Aboriginal People as well as inserts about current issues of concern. The final chapter covers the contemporary situation of First Nations in the United States and Canada and provides section about politics, the American Indian Movement, religion, gaming, tourism, and health. The book contains a comprehensive index, bibliography, maps, black and white photographs, charts, and graphs. This is a useful reference work as well as an introductory textbook to the Aboriginal Peoples of North America. Of particular interest for Canada is the coverage of the Lubicon Lake Cree, the Inuit of Quebec, Hiawatha, the Ottawa, and James Bay.

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