Unlearning the Language of Conquest

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Don Trent Jacobs (Four Arrows)
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Univesity of Texas Press
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Unlearning the Language of Conquest: Scholars Expose Anti-Indianism in America is a collection of 17 essays edited by Don Trent (Four Arrows). The book looks at the way deceptions about Aboriginal Peoples in North America have influenced the general understanding of American Indians. Bringing to light crucial information and perspectives on an aspect of humanity that pervades not only U.S. history but also current sustainability, sociology, and the ability to craft accurate understandings of the population as a whole, Unlearning the Language of Conquest yields a liberating new lexis for realistic dialogues. Four Arrows has gathered a rich collection of voices and topics, including: Waziyatawin Angela Cavender Wilson's "Burning Down the House: Laura Ingalls Wilder and American Colonialism," which probes the mentality of hatred woven within the pages of this iconographic children's literature; Vine Deloria's "Conquest Masquerading as Law," examining the effect of anti-Indian prejudice on decisions in U.S. federal law; David N. Gibb's "The Question of Whitewashing in American History and Social Science," featuring a candid discussion of the spurious relationship between sources of academic funding and the types of research allowed or discouraged; and Barbara Alice Mann's "Where Are Your Women? Missing in Action," displaying the exclusion of Native American women in curricula that purport to illuminate the history of Indigenous Peoples.

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