Kiss of the Fur Queen LIMITED QUANTITIES

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Tomson Highway
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Twelve, College, University
Cree, Subarctic
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In Kiss of the Fur Queen: A Novel by Cree playwright Tomson Highway, Jeremiah and Gabriel Okimasis, two Cree Indian brothers, suffer a violent conversion to Christianity at a Catholic residential school in 1960s Manitoba. Born into a magical Cree world in snowy northern Manitoba, Champion and Ooneemeetoo Okimasis are all too soon torn from their family and thrust into the hostile world of a Catholic residential school. Their language is forbidden, their names are changed to Jeremiah and Gabriel, and both boys are abused by priests. As young men, estranged from their own people and alienated from the culture imposed upon them, the Okimasis brothers fight to survive. Wherever they go, the Fur Queen-a wily, shape-shifting trickster-watches over them with a protective eye. For Jeremiah and Gabriel are destined to be artists. Through music and dance they soar. This book is on the list of recommended Aboriginal titles developed by staff of the (SOLS) Southern Ontario Library Service and the Ontario Library Service North for the Aboriginal Library Book Investment by the Ontario Ministry of Culture into the Ontario Public Libraries.

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