American Indian Families (True Book) PB

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Miller, Jay
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five
Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Delaware, Hopi, Inuit, Kootenai, Lakota, Mohawk, Multiple Nations, Navajo, Pueblo, Seminole
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Grolier Publishing

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American Indian Families is part of The True Book Series published by Children's Press especially for elementary students in grades three to five. This information book is arranged into brief chapters about the nature of Native American families and how different nations' families were organized. The author and publisher have tackled a complex topic by explaining the different kinds of family groups among various Native American Nations that elementary students can appreciate Indigenous cultures. Using full-colour contemporary and archival photographs the text features large font size, a table of contents, index, brief bibliography, and glossary of new terms. Chapters include an overview about names and families, clans, babies, children, marriage, elders, and respect for all life. Examples of families and roles of men and women are provided from the Inuit, Mohawk, Delaware, Seminole, Apache, Navajo, Hopi, Pueblo, Arapaho, Lakota, Cheyenne, and Kootenay Nations. A basic map showing culture areas and tribal regions is provided. American Indian Families is a useful resource for general information about First Nation families from past and contemporary cultures. Lexile Level: 760; Guided Reading Level: M; DRA Level: 24-28

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