The Inuit - pb A True Book - LIMITED QUANTITIES

Children's PressSKU: 9780531293027

Peter Benoit, Kevin Cunningham
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five
Arctic, Inuit
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Children's Press
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The Inuit is a children's information book published by The Children's Press. It is part of the True Book series about Native Americans designed to introduce young students to the culture and history of a specific Indigenous people. This book begins with a basic introduction about origin and geographic location of the Inuit and their early history. A map clearly shows the Inuit homeland in northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Russia. The author points out that Inuit today, especially those in Canada, prefer to be called by their name for themselves, Inuit and an individual is termed Inuk. The early history includes brief overviews of the Thule Culture. Chapter 2 outlines the peoples' inventive methods of surviving in the Arctic climate. Chapter three describes the unique inventions created by the Inuit to travel on land and sea. Descriptions and roles of men and women in Inuit society are outlined in chapter four. The authors Kevin Cummingham and Peter Benoit have revised and updated this edition with a wealth of knowledge and Inuit perspectives. Information boxes include intriguing facts and truths, such as data about the caribou; the bowhead whale; art; and statistics. This 48-page book offers elementary students a valuable introduction to the Inuit of Canada and Alaska. The book is respectful offering accurate facts that dispel long-held myths and misinformation. Highly recommended

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