The Culture of Hunting in Canada

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Jean L. Manore, Dale G. Miner
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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The Culture of Hunting in Canada is a collection of seventeen essays edited by Jean Manore and Dale Miner. The editors have selected a variety of essays that examine the role of hunting culture in Canada from the perspective of several key perspectives. Aboriginal Peoples have an inherent right to hunting and fishing but other interest groups such as animal rights activists, environmentalists, individuals, the federal government, and gun control advocates also claim their right to hunt. The essays are organized into three broad categories that examine the nature of hunting and identity, hunting and conservation history, and contemporary challenges to hunting in Canada. Historian Bruce Hodgins examines Aboriginal Peoples and their historic rights to hunt. Roland Bohr and Louis Bird recount the views of a Swampy Cree Elder on the spiritual relationship between hunters and animals in a thought-provoking essay. Kenneth Coates discusses First Nations' access to resources in the Yukon from 1890-1950. The text contains an extensive index and bibliography.

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