Indigenous Legal Traditions

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Law Commission of Canada
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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UBC Press
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Indigenous Legal Traditions is part of the Legal Dimensions Series published by the Law Commission of Canada. This volume contains five legal essays that contribute to the ongoing debate over the Indigenous legal traditions of First Nations in Canada. The recognition of these traditions can assist First Nations communities in preserving their political autonomy as healthy Nations. Contributors include Andree Lajoie, Dawnis Kennedy, Ghislain Otis, Ted Palys, Wenona Victor, Paulette Regan, and Perry Shawana. Of particular interest is Paulette Regan's paper, An Apology Feast at Hazelton: Indian Residential Schools, Reconciliation, and Making Space for Indigenous Legal Traditions. In this essay, the author writes from her first-hand experience of participating in an apology Potlatch for Residential School survivors. The late Perry Shawana's paper describes the legal issues surrounding Carrier traditional medicine knowledge. This book is ideal for lawyers and legal academics, teachers, students, policy makers, and members of Aboriginal communities.

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