Indian Killer

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Sherman Alexie
Grade Levels:
Twelve, College, University
Coeur d'Alene
Book Type:
Grove Press

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Indian Killer is a mystery novel written by Spokane/Coeur d'Alene author Sherman Alexie. As the title indicates there is a serial killer on the loose on the streets of Seattle. And there are vigilantes out to pick off the skid-row Native Americans who live on the streets. The reader is never sure if the main character, John Smith, is in fact the serial killer. Smith was a Native American infant adopted at birth by a loving Anglo American couple. As an adult Smith finds he is lost and unwelcome in both Native American and Anglo communities. He begins to walk the grimy streets in his search for identity. There he meets a Native American activist, Marie Polatkin. Additional characters move throughout the novel and add fuel to the racially-motivated hate and violence as the city erupts with fear. The reader does not find the satisfaction of the classic who-done-it murder mystery novel because the plot does not contain the regular police detective's investigation. Each reader must try to decide who the actual Indian Killer may be. An excellent read with violence and mature themes.

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