A Generation Removed

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Margaret D. Jacobs
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College, University
Metis, Multiple Nations
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University of Nebraska Press
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In A Generation Removed: The Fostering and Adoption of Indigenous Children in the Postwar World, a powerful blend of history and family stories, award-winning historian Margaret D Jacobs examines how government authorities in the post–World War II era removed thousands of Aboriginal children from their families and placed them in non-Aboriginal foster or adoptive families. By the late 1960s an estimated 25 to 35 percent of Aboriginal children had been separated from their families. Jacobs also reveals the global dimensions of the phenomenon: These practices undermined Indigenous families and their communities in Canada and Australia as well. Jacobs recounts both the trauma and resilience of Indigenous families as they struggled to reclaim the care of their children, leading to the ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) in the United States and to national investigations, landmark apologies, and redress in Australia and Canada.

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