Gathering the Potawatomi Nation - LIMITED QUANTITIES

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Christopher Wetzel
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College, University
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University of Oklahoma Press

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Gathering the Potawatomi Nation: Revitalization and Identity explores the recent invigoration of Potawatomi nationhood, looks at how marginalized communities adopt to social change, and reveals the critical role that culture plays in connecting the two. Author Christopher Wetzel's perspective on recent developments in the struggle for Indigenous sovereignty goes far beyond current political, legal, and economic explanations. Focusing on the specific mechanisms through which the Potawatomi Nation has been reimagined, “national brokers,” he finds, are keys to the process, traveling between the bands, sharing information, and encouraging tribal members to work together as a nation. Language revitalization programs are critical because they promote the exchange of specific cultural knowledge, affirm the value of collective enterprise, and remind people of their place in a larger national community. At the annual Gathering of the Potawatomi Nation, participants draw on this common cultural knowledge to integrate the multiple meanings of being Potawatomi. Fittingly, the Potawatomis themselves have the last word in this book: members respond directly to Wetzel’s study, providing readers with a unique opportunity to witness the conversations that shape the ever-evolving Potawatomi Nation. Combining social and cultural history with firsthand observations, Gathering the Potawatomi Nation advances both scholarly and popular dialogues about Potawatomi nationhood. This author, an associate professor of sociology at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, has provided a fascinating study of the people once considered a key Nation in the Three Fires Confederacy have reconnected their nine bands across four states, two countries, and a thousand miles into the Potawatomi Nation.

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