Healing the Soul Wound

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Duran, Eduardo
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Teachers College Press

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As a psychologist who works with Native American clients in California, Eduardo Duran presents his perspective on counseling Native Americans and strategies for dealing with substance abuse, intergenerational trauma, and internalized oppression. Eduardo Duran draws on his own clinical experience to provide guidance to counselors working with Native Peoples. Translating theory into actual day-to-day practice, Duran presents case materials that illustrate effective intervention strategies for prevalent problems, including substance abuse, intergenerational trauma, and internalized oppression. Offering a culture-specific approach that has profound implications for all counseling and therapy, this groundbreaking volume: Provides invaluable concepts and strategies that can be applied directly to practice; Outlines very different ways of serving American Indian clients, translating Western metaphor into Indigenous ideas that make sense to Native People; Presents a model in which patients have a relationship with the problems they are having, whether these are physical, mental, or spiritual; and Includes a section in each chapter to help non-American Indian counselors generalize the concepts presented to use in their own practice in culturally sensitive ways.

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