Tuk and the Whale - pb (LIMITED QUANTITIES)

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Raquel Rivera
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Groundwood Books Ltd.

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Tuk and the Whale is a chapter book that tells the story of a first contact situation between an Inuit hunting camp on Baffin Island and European whalers during the early 1600s. Storyteller Raquel Rivera has written the account of the lost and helpless whalers meeting Inuit hunters through the perspective of a young Inuk boy, Tuk. Tuk's family is in their winter camp as he sees an odd boat of Qallunnaat or foreigners. The men from the boat are hungry and want to enlist the aid of the Inuit in finding and killing the Arvik, a large black whale. This is a dangerous proposition to the Inuit men and they ponder the request. The camp knows that such an expedition could aid their families and provide food for a long time but it is also quite dangerous. Readers are treated to the experience totally from the eyes of Tuk as he recounts how his grandfather predicted this encounter with the whalers from a dream. Throughout the book the author employs appropriate Inuit terms and provides a glossary, her sources, and an author's note about her extensive research. Simple, black and white illustrations by Mary Jane Gerber aid the young reader's experience by providing appropriate guiding images throughout the story. This novel provides students with an Inuit perspective on what the first encounter might have looked like. This book is selected as a recommended title in the 2009 First Nations Libraries Community Reads program.

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