Essential Song: Three Decades of Northern Cree Music

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Lynn Whidden
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College, University
Cree, Subarctic
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Wilfrid Laurier University Press

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Essential Song: Three Decades of Northern Cree Music is a ground-breaking study of Northern Cree traditional and contemporary music. Author Lynn Whidden is an associate professor of Native Studies and Music at Brandon University. The Cree of Northern Manitoba and Quebec are the focus of her study that dates from 1970 to 2000. The introduction profiles the Cree contributors to the study. These men include William Jack, George Pepabano, Robert Potts, Abraham Martinhunter, Samson Lameboy, and Joseph Rupert. Their contributions are significant because of their knowledge of Cree hunting songs and also because the CD included with the book contains their specific songs. The chapters cover song and ceremony including the drum and rattle, healing songs, songs in hunting ceremonies, and the Shaking Tent; missionary influence, fiddle music, music and education, and music and media; women's songs, communication with animals, presentation, and the Cree sound ideal; hymns and hunting songs, gospel music, country music, powwow music, and round dances. The 52-song CD accompanies the book and makes the reader aware of the power in Cree songs. This is a valuable resource about the world of Northern Cree musical traditions.

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