Welcome Family and Friends to Our Bighouse

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Nelson, Nella
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Kwakiutl, Kwakwaka'wakw, Pacific NW
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Raven Publishing

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Welcome Family and Friends to Our Bighouse and Our Kwakwa_ka_'wakw Potlatch is a 92-page illustrated book published by Raven Publishing told from the perspective  of a twelve-year old who explains the traditions and history of the Kwakwa_ka_'wakw potlatch. Educator and author Nella Nelson presents the significance and traditions surrounding the potlatch from her personal experience through her expertise as a teacher.  Nelson from the N’amgis Nation, born and raised in Alert Bay, B.C., was 12-years-old, when the first Bighouse since the anti-potlatch law had been lifted was built in Alert Bay. The book presents Gana’s account of the Potlatch including a description of the regalia she wears--a button blanket, dancing apron and masks—that were designed and made for her based on her family clan. The book includes colour illustrations, a colour map of the region, and some Kwak’wala words with meaning and pronunciation guides. The illustrations draw in the reader making this contemporary account from a child’s perspective more accessible for students.  Often accounts of cultural ceremonies make the ceremony seem far removed but this approach brings the ceremony to life and removes the mystery. Highly recommended.

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