Rabbit and Bear Paws, - TG#1 Sugar Bush LIMITED QUANTITIES

SKU: 9780973990638

Chad Solomon
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education
Ojibwe, Woodland
Book Type:
Little Spirit Bear Productions

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Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws, Teacher Guide #1: Sugar Bush CD is a set of lesson plans for the graphic novel by Chad Salomon. With this inaugural 32-page comic, Rabbit and Pear Paws are key players in an 18th century North American setting. The artist places the two characters in Ontario where they come into contact with English soldiers on route to Niagara. Throughout their adventures readers are introduced to stories featuring Nanaboozhoo, the Trickster. Chad Solomon draws on the Ojibwe Seven Grandfathers Teachings for the core of the story. This edition draws on the teaching Mnaadendmowin or Respect. Information about graphic novel storytellins is included. The format of the CD is PDF.

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