Contemporary Native American Artists

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Suzanne Deats, Kitty Leaken
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Contemporary Native American artists from the American Southwest have a strong presence in the North American and international art markets. This talented group's work can be found in many annual events, an ever-changing array of fine art galleries, and a number of museums throughout North America. These artists give visible form to the past, present, and future of American Indian life in the Southwest. In Contemporary Native American Artists, key luminaries of the Native American art world are brought together through stunning photography and intimate portrayals of their lives and art. These masters of contemporary Native American art displayed their enormous talent through painting, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, and clothing. The featured artists include: Jody Naranjo, pottery; Kevin Red Star, painting; Ed Archie NoiseCat, sculpture; Jhane Myers, clothing design; Rhett Lynch, painting; Fritz J. Casuse, jewelry; Malcolm Furlow, painting; Joe Cajero, Jr., sculpture; Althea Cajero, jewelry; Upton Ethelbah, Jr., sculpture; Adrian Wall, sculpture; Richard Aitson, beadwork; Penny Singer, clothing design; Melanie Kirk-Lente and Michael Lente, jewelry; Dyani Reynolds-White Hawk, painting; C. J. Wells, painting; and R. Lee White, painting.

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