This Is What They Say

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Francois Mandeville, Ron Scollon
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College, University
Chipewyan, Subarctic
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Douglas & McIntyre

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This is What They Say: A Story Cycle Dictated in Northern Alberta in 1928 is a unique collection of oral narratives, stories, and traditional cultural information originally collected from Francois Mandeville by Chinese linguist Ki Fang-kuei in 1928. These stories were published in Taipei in 1978 and now they appear in English through the work of Ron Scallon. Francoise Mandeville (1878-1952) was fluent in French, Chipewyan, Dogrib, Cree and Slavey. His father was a Metis trader and interpreter at Fort Resolution in the Northwest Territories. Mandeville's stories include 21 selections: How Copper Was Discovered; The Cannibal; His Grandmother Raised Him; The Man Who Became a Wolf; The Man Who Became a Wolf; The Flight of the Last Dogribs; Education; About Fish; How I Made a Canoe; How I Tanned a Moose Hide; and How I Hunted Beaver. The final section of the book explains the significance of this Chipewyan narrative ethnography. The book contains maps, archival photographs, and a bibliography.

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