Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story

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Henderson, Scott B.|Robertson, David Alexander
Grade Levels:
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
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Highwater Press

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Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story is a graphic novel written by David Alexander Robertson, author of the 7 Generations series. With illustrator Scott B. Henderson the pair produced a compelling graphic novel that is based on a true story. Set in a contemporary high school, students are given the assignment to interview a residential school survivor. Daniel is not pleased with the assignment because he does not know any people to interview. His friend April agrees to help by introducing him to her Kokum. Reluctantly Daniel meets the Elder who presents her story using proper protocol of smudging. Betsy recounts her experience at residential school where she suffered abuse and indignity. Her strength to heal is revealed to readers through her message of courage to recall her father's teachings. The graphic novel is based on the personal story of Betsy Ross, Elder from Cross Lake First Nation. The author notes that the book was produced in remembrance and respect for those who attended residential schools and for those affected by this legacy. The story is told in a matter-of-fact manner by a woman who has regained her voice and now shares her teachings with others who are willing to listen. The book carries an important message in its approach and core teaching. Highly recommended. To view the Book Trailer for Sugar Falls see Podcast of author interview at First Nation Communities Read 2013-2014 Short List

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