Algonquin: Canadian Aboriginal Art & Culture Algonquin

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Heather Kissock
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Three, Four, Five, Six
Algonquin, Woodland
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Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture: Algonquin is one of the titles in the Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture series published by Weigl Educational Publishers. This volume written by Heather Kissock describes the cultural history of the Algonquin also known as the Anishinaabe, the people of the Woodland cultural region who live within Southern Ontario, and Quebec. Originally the Algonquin flourished in the areas around the Ottawa Valley where they first encountered the French. This volume follows the structure of the other volumes of the series and features two-page spreads about The People, homes, communities, clothing, food, tools, religion, ceremonies and celebrations, music and dance, language and storytelling, art, and body painting. This book features contemporary multi-disciplinary artist Nadia Myre. The final section introduces students to how archaeologists study the past history of a people. Using colour photographs, a map and a few archival images, the book explores the past and present of these resourceful communities. Brief information boxes focus on wampum, weddings, the vision quest, headdresses, and name origins. In the food section, the author has included a recipe for wild nut soup using hazelnuts. The art activity shows students how to make a moose caller. The book also contains a glossary of terms, and a timeline. Recommended for elementary Social Studies.

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