Native American Clothing: An Illustrated History

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Theodore Brasser
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Firefly Books Ltd.
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Native American Clothing: An Illustrated History is a 368-page coffee-table reference book that discusses the history of First Nations and Inuit peoples of North America and Mexico as seen though their clothing and regalia. Organized by 12 culture regions the book follows the standard anthropological format by discusses the broad traits of each region according to traditional stories (the author calls them myths), geography, with early historical facts, maps, spiritual beliefs, and everyday customs, notes about language, assimilation, and the impact of climate change. From this starting point the author moves on the clothing materials, styles, and decorative arts found in each region. More than 200 colour photographs and a hundred black and white archival images demonstrate the ingenuity and artistic creativity of the First Nations and Inuit peoples. By selecting the images from private collections and museums the author has identified the location of artifacts and clothing pieces unknown to the general audience. The volume is more suited to the general reader because those judging the book by its title will be disappointed. Cultural specific images and descriptions of a Nation's clothing styles most likely will not be found in this volume.

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