Kids book of Aboriginal Peoples SS 3,5,7

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Diane Silvey
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Multiple Nations
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Kids Can Press
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The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada is a well-researched, valuable student resource about the cultures and history of First Nations in Canada. Author Diane Silvey, a member of the Sechelt Band of the Coast Salish, effectively recounts the basic information about the seven cultural regions of Canada and describes the impact of the environment on these regions. First Nations cultures of the Northwest Coast thrived on the plentiful resources provided by the ocean and the land. The cedar was a tree of life for the peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Other regions described include the Plateau, the Plains, the Arctic, the Subarctic, and the Woodlands. Because of the climate differences in the eastern Woodlands region, the author explains the cultures of the Iroquoian Peoples and the Algonquians in two separate entries. Each culture region is described according to geography, climate, resources, clothing styles, economy, food, housing, transportation, games, art, trade, warfare, and ceremonies. Maps and detailed drawings accompany each region and provide students with visual information about the First Nations lifestyles. Names the First Nations call themselves are used throughout the text instead of the standard anthropological tribal names. The final section of the book provides students with information about the impact of Europeans on First Nations by briefly describing the early explorers, arrival of traders and priests, increase in settlers, the fur trade, missionaries, and diseases. Modern history is explained through the Indian Act, banning spiritual ceremonies, residential school system, development of political organizations, land claims, self-government, and cultural renewal. This final chapter outlines the contributions First Nations have made through Canadian history as well as the unique contributions made by individuals such as Louis Riel, Maquinna, Matonabbee, James Gladstone, Harold Cardinal, Dr. Frank Calder, Dorothy Betz, and Elder Noel Knockwood. The book contains a helpful index and table of contents. The editors have not provided a pronunciation guide for the First Nations names. This is a valuable text that makes a significant contribution to the literature available to elementary students in Canada about the importance of First Nations, Metis and Inuit to Canadian history. ATOS Reading Level: 7.6; Guided Reading Level: W; Reading Level: 5.9.

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