Amazon Basin-Vanishing Cultures SS2

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Jan Reynolds
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Three, Four, Five, Six
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Lee & Low Books

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Amazon Basin: Vanishing Cultures is a 2007 title from Lee and Low Publishers in their Explore Vanishing Cultures Series. Each title in the series examines an Indigenous culture as the people attempt to face the challenges of their changing environment. In this book, the author offers elementary readers an opportunity to see a contemporary Yanomami of the Amazon Basin in Venezuela. The tropical rain forest provides everything the people require for living on the land. Readers follow the daily life of a boy from a Yanomami family. His father is a wise and knowledgeable man who is the people's shaman or healer. The Yanomami hunt, fish, and gather plants. We read that the forest also provides plants for making body decoration. The photo essay provides a unique look into the everyday life of the Yanomami. All text is accompanied by crisp, colour images of family members doing a variety of everyday tasks. Throughout the book, the author provides sensitive captions that celebrate the perseverance of today's Yanomami. This book is respectful of the Yanomami and their traditional skills that serve them well. The author provides a personal note at the end of the book about the time she spent with this family on the land. Originally published in 1992 the book retains its relevance today. Guided Reading: Level P; DRA: 38; Intervention: 24.

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