Down Under-Vanishing Cultures SS2

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Jan Reynolds
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Aborigines, Tiwi
Book Type:
Lee & Low Books

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Down Under: Vanishing Cultures is a new title from Lee and Low Publishers in their Explore Vanishing Cultures Series. Each title in the series examines an Indigenous culture as the people attempt to face the challenges of their changing environment. In this book, the author offers elementary readers an opportunity to see a contemporary Australian Aboriginal extended family attend to the activities of daily living. The photo essay begins with an introduction that provides the location of a special contemporary Tiwi family living on Bathurst Island just off the coast of Australia. Readers learn about the people's relationship to the land and animals despite the overwhelming changes of today's world. We meet a Tiwi family and the book begins with mother telling a story about long ago. She explains Dreamtime and how their ancestors went on a walkabout. This made the people part of the land and part of Dreamtime. They were connected to their environment. We see the land and people through the eyes of the children who are doing their walkabout. They help hunting and gathering food, see animals and reptiles, visit forests and mangrove swamps, and share in an honouring ceremony for their deceased ancestors. We also see the children playing along the beach with their parents. All text is accompanied by crisp, colour images of family members doing a variety of everyday tasks. Throughout the book, the author provides sensitive captions that celebrate the perseverance of today's Tiwi. This book is respectful of the Tiwi and their traditional skills that serve them well. The author provides a personal note at the end of the book about the time she spent with this family on the land. Originally published in 1992 the book retains its relevance today. Guided Reading: Level P; DRA: 38; Intervention: 24.

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