Stories of Survival and Revenge from Inuit (Limited Quantities)

SKU: 9781772270013

Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
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Stories of Survival and Revenge from Inuit Folklore is a young adult selection of traditional Inuit stories ideal for grades seven to ten. Published by Inhabit Media this 80-page book with comic book–inspired illustrations is ideal for the action-packed stories featuring Nuliajuk, the vengeful sea spirit; Kaugjagjuk, the mistreated orphan who seeks revenge; and the Nanurluk, an enormous polar bear 100 times the size of a regular bear. Each story has important lessons and each stresses we must remain human with clear spiritual qualities. When we allow fear, hunger, and extreme anger triumph, we need to be reminded by these stories against allowing our unchecked instincts rule our behaviour. This information about understanding Inuit traditional stories is provided at the end of the book. Numerous colour illustrations make this a highly recommended young adult title. Sensitive readers are forewarned that this collection of traditional stories contains some violence and mature themes.

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