tâpwê êkwa mamâhtâwastotin (Tâpwê and the Magic Hat, Cree edition)

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Buffy Sainte-Marie, translated by Solomon Ratt
Buffy Sainte-Marie and Michelle Alynn Clement
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
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Greystone Books
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Written by Buffy Sainte-Marie, translated by Solomon Ratt and illustrated by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Michelle Alynn Clement.

Buffy Sainte-Marie is a world-renowned and Academy Award-winning Cree singer-songwriter, activist, educator, and visual artist. Solomon Ratt is from āmaciwīspimowinihk (Stanley Mission, SK) He is a first-language speaker of the th-dialect from Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan.

A Cree edition of beloved Indigenous icon Buffy Sainte-Marie's chapter book inspired by oral histories and traditions. On a prairie reserve, Tâpwê receives a mysterious gift from Kokhom (grandma)—and finds himself on an unforgettable adventure.

Tâpwê can’t wait to spend a week with his cousins on the other side of the Cree reserve—especially since Kokhom, his grandma, has given him the most amazing gift: a Magic Hat with bluebirds and grass snakes that come to life! Tâpwê is so excited that he soon forgets Kokhom’s advice: Watch out for tricksters!

Tâpwê’s adventure is everything he imagined. He meets his cousins, takes part in a powwow, and sleeps in a tipi. But soon he’s reminded of Kokhom’s words. Is his new friend Wâpos leading him astray with mischief?

Tâpwê and the Magic Hat draws on a rich Indigenous tradition of storytelling and features:

A memorable cast of characters from both imagination and legend.
A glossary and pronunciation guide of Cree words used in the book.
A note to parents and teachers from Buffy Sainte-Marie about trickster stories.
An important message for young readers about being yourself, and learning to dance to the beat of your own heart.
Features black and white illustrations throughout.


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