North American Indian Tribes of the Great Lakes

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Michael G. Johnson
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Huron, Menominee, Miami, Odawa, Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Sac and Fox, Shawnee, Winnebago, Woodland, Wyandot
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Osprey Publishing

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North American Indian Tribes of the Great Lakes is volume 467 in Osprey Publishing's Men-at-Arms series. All titles in the series are well-researched and contain full-colour plates of the uniforms or clothing worn by military forces of the past and present. This volume covers the Great Lakes Woodland cultural region and includes information about Ojibwe, Huron, Wyandot, Miami, Potawatomi, Winnebago, Sac and Fox, Odawa, Petun, and Kickapoo Nations cultural clothing styles. The major focus of the text is an introduction to the cultures of the region with a particular emphasis on the Algonkian nations. Wars and armed resistance is covered for the 17th century and the French and Indian War, Pontiac, War of 1812, and Black Hawk's War in 1832. Some of the key leaders include Hole-in-the-Day, Oshkosh, Red Bird, Tenskwatawa, and Wabaunsee. Chapters include spiritual beliefs such as the Midewiwin, and the Great Lakes Nations since the 1850s. The most informative section is the 8 colour plates featuring men's and women's clothing styles. The 20th century page features an Ojibwe woman jingle dress dancer; a Mesquakie male dancer, and a traditional Ojibwe man circa 1910. An unusual plate show 4 women dancers: Sauk and Fox, Ojibwe woman circa 1830, Ojibwe woman circa 1895, and a Menominee woman circa 1830. The final section of the book includes a detailed description of each plate noting the sources consulted. The illustrator made effective use of museum collections, contemporary paintings and drawings, and eyewitness accounts. Each book in the series is highly recommended for their authentic illustrations.

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