Whaikorero: The World of Maori Oratory

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Poia Rewi
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Auckland University Press
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Whaikōrero: The World of Māori Oratory examines the basic understanding of traditional Māori oratory offered at significant gatherings of the people. Usually translated as art of oratory to non-Indigenous Māori, this scholar Poia Rewi writes from the Indigenous perspective after interviewing 30 elders about this speechmaking. Poia Rewi assesses the origin and history of whaikōrero; its structure, language and style of delivery; who may speak; and where speech happens. Featuring a range of sample whaikōrero drawn from both oral and literary sources, the book provides examples of language for learners of Māori wishing to improve their whaikōrero skills as well as being a major resource for all readers interested in Māori culture. The text unwraps the underlying philosophies of the art, which impact on, and are influenced by, a diverse range of systems within the Māori world, its culture, etiquette, and belief system. Associate Professor Poia Rewi (TÅ«hoe, Ngāti Manawa, Te Arawa) holds a PhD from the University of Otago and teaches in Otago’s Te Tumu: The School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies, having previously taught at Waikato University for a decade. A certified translator and interpreter of Māori into English he is also a qualified teacher of English as a second language. Winner of NZSA Best First Book Awards: E. H. McCormick Award for Non-fiction 2011. The book includes a map, bibliography, archival black and white photographs, and an index. Recommended.

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