The Rabbits' Race

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Deborah L. Delaronde
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Multiple Nations
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Theytus Books Ltd.
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The Rabbits' Race: A Grandparents' Day Story is a picture book with a story approach to a lesson about sharing and cooperation. This illustrated children's picture book begins with Joey's at school with his grandfather as the two participate in Grandparents' Day festivities. From the images this is clearly an urban multicultural school where Joey's grandfather is a guest speaker. Grandpa begins by explaining he will tell the assembly a story in the manner he learned as a boy. Each story fit the occasion and everyone listening would find a lesson that would help each child grow. This story is about two kinds of rabbits: the small bush rabbits that lived in the forest and the larger jackrabbits that lived outside the forest. A contest took place between two small bush rabbits and one large jackrabbit. The prize for the small rabbits would be sharing food with the jackrabbits. The prize for the jackrabbits was having their territory free from bush rabbits. But during the race all three rabbits fall into an unused beaver lodge and become trapped. After many attempts to free themselves the rabbits cooperate and finally escape. The artwork by Virginia McCoy conveys the action of the race and the attempts to escape the deep hole. The pastel colours and large images convey movement and the curving lines of the rabbits capture their gentle nature. Each two-page spread has a large image with limited text beneath each drawing. The expressions on the rabbits' faces convey their emotions during the race. The traditional lesson of respectful listening is dealt with through the story within a story feature and young students will be captivated by the action of the story and the accompanying evocative and charming illustrations. Highly Recommended. Primary Spring 2012

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