Unikkaaqtuat: An Intro to Inuit Myths & Legends

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Neil Christopher, Louise Flaherty, Noel McDermott
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Arctic, Inuit
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Inhabit Media
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Unikkaaqtuat: An Introduction to Traditional Inuit Myths and Legends were researched and compiled by Neil Christopher and edited by Noel McDermott and Louise Flaherty for Inhabit Media. This collection of traditional stories and legends are retold in this 287-page volume and are organized into chapters such as: Creation Stories; Mistreatment and Consequences: Adventures; Hardships and Famine; Animals in Human Form; and Animal Stories. In the introduction the editors note that the original sources for these stories come from early explorers and anthropologists such as Rasmussen, Boas, Jenness, and Rink. In addition they explain that many of the stories include injustices, revenge, violence, transformations, and endings with no clear resolutions. But like all traditional stories of Aboriginal Peoples this collection offers readers a challenge to find the meaning for them because all stories do contain hidden truths. The stories are also meant to entertain as well as to teach and this collection offers secondary level students and adults a clear view into the engaging and challenging world of the Inuit stories.

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