As I Remember It

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Tara Lee Morin
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
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Theytus Books Ltd.

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As I Remember It yields first-person insight into issues such as childhood abuse, adoption, foster parents, prostitution, but beyond that, it will draw you in with its unblinking portrait of a young First Nation girl who discovers that she possesses a core of strength equal to that of her storybook heroines. Tara Lee Morin, born on a Northern Manitoba First Nation, recounts her story from the time of her infancy when she was removed from her mother's care, placed in a foster home, removed again at the age of five, caught shoplifting at age eleven, and turned to street prostitution at age of fourteen. Her traumatic life as a child and adolescent is told with candor and honesty. Her triumph over abuse and rejection symbolizes her strength of character along with the love and care from a pair of unique foster parents. Tara Lee Morin is a finalist in the 2013 inaugural Burt Award for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Literature.

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