The Dreaded Ogress of the Tundra

SKU: 9781927095799

Neil Christopher
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
Copyright Date:

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The Dreaded Ogress of the Tundra is an outstanding and spine-tingling book, when three children come face to face with one of the tundra’s most fearsome creatures: the amautalik. A huge and smelly ogress that loves nothing more than to kidnap children, an amautalik is one of the worst monsters a child can come up against. In order to escape the clutches of the frightful ogress, the children will have to outsmart her by thinking quickly. This revised edition, originally published as Stories of the Amautalik, shares two accounts about this dreaded ogress of the Arctic Region. New illustrations in this edition bring the amautalik to life in even greater, creepier detail than the original. Revised text and additional content make this new edition a must-have title for elementary readers who are intrigued with dark and dreaded beings. Neil Christopher is an educator, a filmmaker, and an editor for Inhabit Media Inc. Larry MacDougall is the award-winning illustrator of numerous books, including The Shadows That Rush Past. Inuktitut words are defined in footnotes, along with helpful pronunciations. This book includes well-defined male and female characters who use their skills and traditional teachings to survive this kidnapping ogress. The final four pages notes there are several ogress beings throughout the Arctic regions. Sketches and identifiable characteristics are included in this section. Colour illustrations are provided throughout the text making this an ideal scary story.

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