Moccasin Souls

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Jules Koostachin
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College, University
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Kegedonce Press
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Moccasin Souls is by Jules Koostachin, Cree and band member of Attawapiskat First Nation, the Ancestral lands of the MoshKeKo InNiNeWak. Moccasin Souls, a haunting memoir follows AaSheeNii / Good Spirit, a hopeful Trickster with a burning desire for change and growth, as they set off on their path into the world of the InNiNeWak/human beings. Selected by a council of Sacred Beings, AaSheeNii makes their way into the world of the living on AsKi / Earth. AaSheeNii is birthed to an IsKwew / Cree woman in the early 70s in what is now called Northern Ontario, the ancestral lands of the MoshKeKoWok. AaSheeNii's human journey into adulthood is not an easy one, as they try to not only understand who they are as an IsKwew, but also understand their birth mother's residential school trauma. Moccasin Souls begins and ends in the spirit realm - respectfully weaving together spirit and the lived experience of a daughter of a residential school warrior. This is the world of AaSheeNii - an InNiNew haunted by a past that is not their own. A tender and powerful story about healing, injustice and hope, a story with the hopes to support other warriors and their families in understanding their own intergenerational resilience and survivance.

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