Qu'Appelle (FR)

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David Bouchard, Claire Jobidon
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Cree, Plains
Book Type:
Editions des Plaines
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Qu'appelle (French edition) by Métis poet and storyteller David Bouchard combines a romanticized retelling of the origin of Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan with the evocative paintings by Cree artist Michael Lonechild. Bouchard explains how he first heard the compelling story about the region's name. Qu'Appelle can be traced to a Cree story about love and heartbreak between a First Nation's couple. Michael Lonechild draws upon his vivid memories of Saskatchewan's landscapes during the four seasons as his inspiration for the collaboration. His fourteen paintings illustrate key points of the poem. The remarkable colours found in the prairie landscape during spring, summer, fall and winter are expressed in detailed images of daily life of First Nations of the past. These images alone are worth the price of the picture book that can be accessed and appreciated by elementary students as well as adults. This French language edition's translation is provided by Claire Jobidon.

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