Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture: Metis, revised edition HC

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Jennifer Howse
Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
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Weigl Educational Publishers
Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture
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Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture: Métis, revised edition from Weigl Educational Publishers series written by Jennifer Howse for junior level students. The book begins with an introduction about the unique development of the people of mixed Indigenous and European heritage. The people known as Métis are one of peoples identified in Canada's constitution along with Inuit and First Nations. The Métis were active participants in the early fur trade and the book provides a map showing early fur trade routes taken by First Nations and Métis traders. The book contains 2-page spreads about homes, communities, clothing, food, tools, ceremonies and celebrations, music and dance, language (Michif) and storytelling, art, flag, and examples of how historians study the Métis. Each two-page spread includes simple paragraphs, colour maps, colour photographs, and an informative sidebar. The art section discusses the floral beadwork art designs of Christi Belcourt. Each volume includes an index and one-page quiz.

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