Contemporary Native American Authors: A Biographical Dictionary

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Kay Juricek
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Contemporary Native American Authors: A Biographical Dictionary is a 1997 publication that provides biographical information about various American and some Canadian Indigenous authors. This 287-page volume contains alphabetically arranged entries. Authors include Sherman Alexie, Paula Gunn Allen, Katsi Cook, Salli Benedict, Maria Campbell, Jeannette Armstrong, Kimberly Blaeser, Beth Brant, Joseph Bruchac, Chrystos, Kateri Damm, Vine Deloria, Jimmie Durham, Louise Erdrich, Lise Erdrich, Ray Fadden, Rayna Green, Richard Green, Joy Harjo, Tomson Highway, Winona LaDuke, Emma LaRocque, Oren Lyons, Brian Maracle, Lee Maracle, Joseph McLellan, Gerald McMaster, Beatrice Medicine, N. Scott Momaday, Daniel David Moses, Basil Johnston, Simon Ortiz, Duke Redbird, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Robert Allen Warrior, Drew Hayden Taylor, Gerald Vizenor, Alfred Young Man, and Thomas King. Included are a few authors who are not considered Indigenous writers.

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