Dancing With the Cranes-SS 2 (Reprint)

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Jeannette Armstrong
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
Okanagan, Plateau
Book Type:
Theytus Books Ltd.
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Dancing with the Cranes is now reprinted. Written by Jeannette Armstrong, Syilx Okanagan, and a fluent speaker and teacher of the Nsyilxcn Okanagan language and a traditional knowledge keeper of the Okanagan Nation and illustrated by Ron Hall, an Aboriginal artist of Okanagan and Thompson ancestry and a member of the Osoyoos Band, Dancing with Cranes gives an understanding of birth, life and death.

Chi's momma is soon to have a baby, but Chi is having a hard time being happy about it. Chi misses Temma (her grandma), who has gone to the spirit world. Chi's momma and daddy help ease the pain of losing Temma and help Chi to understand life and death as a part of nature. Chi soon finds herself feeling comforted, knowing Temma will always be a part of her and looking forward to the new baby who will be a part of their lives.

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