Karoron ne Owennahshonha: A Collection of Words : A Mohawk Language Thematic Dictionary

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David Kanatawakhon
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David Kanatawakhon, is a Turtle Clan Mohawk from the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Territory, Tyendinaga.

This book provides vocabulary revolving around one hundred (100) distinct theme areas.

Themes dealing with flora and fauna, foods and food preparations, locations, possessions in and around the home, people and occupations, kinship, times and locations, special occasions and holidays, weather, clothing, colours, health and welfare with extensive vocabulary associated with each theme. For example, in the section on Foods you will find the names of fruits, vegetables, meats, various dishes, and preparation references and techniquess.

The Mohawk presented in this dictionary is written using the "y", characteristic of the Six Nations and Tyendinaga writing style, however the vocabulary within represents a variety of dialects.

Karoron ne Owennhahsonha is a soft-covered book, perfect binding, 71/2 X 91/2 inches in size, consisting of 425 pages with a table of contents up front, the Mohawk vocabulary in the middle with an English to Mohawk guide at the back. The book can be a very handy reference guide for both language learners and teachers.

David Kanatawakhon, is a Turtle Clan Mohawk from the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Territory, Tyendinaga. He has been actively involved in the teaching and retention of the Mohawk language since the early 1970s. He started teaching the Mohawk language in the public school in his home territory in the early 70’s and since then has also taught Mohawk acquisition courses at McMaster University, Brock University, and Polytechnic at the Six Nations Territory. He is presently at the University of Western Ontario where he has taught a Mohawk language acquisition course since 1991. He is a self-taught Mohawk linguist utilizing what he has learned about his language over the years to produce various dictionaries, reference grammars, language learning texts and support materials.

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