Mohawk Language Descriptive Root Dictionary


David Kanatawakhon
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Kanyen’keha Books

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David Kanatawakhon, is a Turtle Clan Mohawk from the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Territory, Tyendinaga. He has been actively involved in the teaching and retention of the Mohawk language since the early 1970s.

This text was specifically designed with the Mohawk learner in mind. Far too often in language learning courses and programs the student is presented with only a fraction of the language required to become a functioning fluent speaker. My experience has been that a language like Mohawk, consisting of numerous prefix and suffix features, is often presented in a way more representative of the English language than that of Mohawk. Mohawk is not English. It has some grammatical similarities and it is possible to say practically anything in Mohawk that can be said in English, but most often the grammatical presentation occurs in an entirely different way. Without knowledge and competent use of the many grammatical features inherent in the Mohawk language the student can never hope to become a speaker. This book hopes to change that by providing the student with numerous examples of the forms taken by these prefixes and suffixes and in many cases combinations of each.

The book is 81/2 X 11 inches in size in a soft covered format with perfect binding, containing 409 pages of useful Mohawk Descriptive Roots, 59 pages dealing with prefixes and prefix combinations, and 70 pages dealing with suffixes and suffix combinations.

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