Rabbit and the Wolves: A Grandmother Story

SKU: 9780826335630

Deborah L. Duvall
Jacobs, Murv
Grandmother Stories Series
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
Book Type:
University of New Mexico Press
Grandmother Stories Series
Copyright Date:

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Cherokee storyteller and illustrator combine their talents to create another picture book title in the Grandmother Stories series. All titles are based on traditional Cherokee legends. In this book, Deborah Duvall takes the essence of two legends to weave a story about Rabbit and his efforts to sing just as well as Redbird. In his rush to sing just like the amazing bird, Rabbit gets a lesson about appreciating his own talents. He runs into problems with Wolf and his pack. But with quick thinking and ingenuity Rabbit tricks the wolves into learning a new dance and thereby manages his escape. This book is based on How Redbird Got His Color and How Rabbit Got Away from the Wolves originally recorded by James Mooney. Cherokee storytellers Cornelius Boudinot and James Wofford told these stories to the anthropologist around 1900. Murv Jacobs illustrates the retelling with 11 black and white woodcuts. This story about Rabbit and the Wolves is the sixth volume in the Grandmother Stories series.

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