Ratinakere ne èneken / An Iroquoian Cosmology


David Kanatawakhon
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Kanyen’keha Books

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David Kanatawakhon, is a Turtle Clan Mohawk from the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Territory, Tyendinaga. He has been actively involved in the teaching and retention of the Mohawk language since the early 1970s.

Here is the Mohawk language version of the classic Iroquoian Cosmology collected by H. N. B. Hewitt in 1903. It is a shorter version of the more extensive "Myth of the Earth Grasper", originally recorded in the Onondaga language, which can be found in volume 43 of the Bureau of American Ethnology.

The format of the following text is presented in five sections. The Mohawk provided in the first section lacks the English interlinear translations as provided with most linguistic works. The second section provides the user with a complete "word" listing of all of the vocabulary found in the Mohawk text, complete with a bracketed pronunciation, and the English interpretation. The third section provides a grammatical and linguistic (morphological) breakdown of the vocabulary present in the text. The fourth and fifth sections provide a listing of all of the Nominals and Particles found in the Mohawk text.

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