Traditional Mohawk Clothing

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The Native North American Travelling College in Akwesasne has revised and updated our booklet, Traditional Mohawk Clothing. The original booklet was written by Tom Porter and Mike McDonald with Illustrations by Brad Bonaparte and Tsionni Fox. New research into the material culture of the Mohawk, Haudenosaunee, and other indigenous nations has inspired us to take a closer look at the content of the original booklet to see where it could be enhanced. Our new edition is divided into two parts, historic and contemporary. The historic section shows the remarkable evolution that has occurred in the way we dressed over the centuries. It is illustrated with historical artwork found in museums, galleries, and old publications. The contemporary section presents traditional Mohawk clothing as it is worn in the longhouse today.
Special thanks to Michael Galban of the Seneca Art and Cultural Center at Ganondagan in Victor, New York for his kind assistance with the research and writing of the text of this booklet. Special thanks to Carl Benn of Ryerson University for his help with he archival images of Native people of the northeast. Darren Bonaparte, Mohawk historian and artist, wrote the accompanying text and assisted with the photo research. His work can be found at
Contemporary traditional clothing artists included in the publication Marlana Thompson, Laura Thompson, and Kawenniiosta Jock.
The staff at the Native North American Travelling College all made this booklet possible.

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