We Are All Perfectly Fine A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing

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Jillian Horton
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We Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing is a memoir by Dr. Jillian Horton, a general internist and Anishinaabe / European and Medicine was a place where she could bring together these two different worlds, take the privileges with which she had grown up and make changes. This funny, fresh, and deeply affecting memoir is about needing help - when we need help we count on doctors to put us back together. But what happens when doctors fall apart?

We Are All Perfectly Fine is the story of a married mother of three on the brink of personal and professional collapse who attends rehab with a twist: a meditation retreat for burned-out doctors. Jillian Horton has no idea what to expect during her five-day retreat at Chapin Mill, a Zen centre in upstate New York. She just knows she desperately needs a break. At first she is deeply uncomfortable with the spartan accommodations, silent meals and scheduled bonding sessions. But as the group struggles through awkward first encounters and guided meditations, something remarkable happens: world-class surgeons, psychiatrists, pediatricians and general practitioners open up and share stories about their secret guilt and grief, as well as their deep-seated fear of falling short of the expectations that define them. Jillian realizes that her struggle with burnout is not so much personal as it is the result of a larger system failure, and that compartmentalizing your most difficult emotions—a coping strategy that is drilled into doctors—is not useful unless you face these emotions too.

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