We Need Everyone (Pre-Order for Jan 30/24)

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Michael Redhead Champagne
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three
Multiple Nations
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Portage & Main / Highwater
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We Need Everyone is written by Michael Redhead Champagne, an Ininew public speaker, writer, community advocate and on-screen personality. His storytelling connects communities across North America and around the world. This book is illustrated by Tiff Bartel.

In We Need Everyone, Michael Redhead Champagne’s welcoming Call to Action will inspire young readers to contribute to their communities by recognizing their own gifts and talents.

Everyone has a gift. Every gift is different, and every gift is special. Our world needs you to share your gift.

What is your gift? How can you use your gift to help others?

We Need Everyone empowers children to identify their gifts and use them to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and strengthen communities. Inspiring and uplifting, this interactive picture book celebrates diverse cultures, perspectives, and abilities through playful illustrations. Perfect for reading aloud.

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